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Attorneys Angelo Simone and Shelagh McCahey left well-respected law firms and founded Simone & McCahey LLP with one simple mission: getting their clients the best results possible. When Simone & McCahey LLP accepts a new client, they immediately begin planning and executing a legal strategy with a single objective: to win.

The moment opponents learn who your lawyer is should be a powerful one. It must send a message. When insurance companies and defense firms learn that you hired Simone & McCahey LLP, they know there will be no shortcuts or sweetheart deals, and that their business-as-usual approach and tactics simply will not work.

Angelo Simone and Shelagh McCahey’s dream was a law firm truly built upon a core value of excellence, without compromise. This law firm is the result of that dream. It is also the result of many long conversations about what is truly best for the client, what actually drives truly excellent results, and why many lawyers—even those who have done quite well for themselves—simply don’t hit the target.

You have probably wondered: What makes those widely regarded as the best lawyers in Rhode Island “the best?” Who are the top personal injury lawyers in Rhode Island, and why? Who are the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Rhode Island, and what makes them so great?

The simple truth is most people have no trouble finding a lawyer these days. We are constantly inundated with television ads, billboards, and other media by lawyers sporting catchy slogans, zany commercials, and other attempts to make you feel like they are the best lawyers for your type of case. The reality is that getting to a truly great outcome in a personal injury, wrongful death, or workers’ compensation case often remains a mystery to the client. During their careers, Angelo Simone and Shelagh McCahey have seen firsthand the way several personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers handle these cases and, unfortunately, it ain’t all pretty.

A sad reality: when insurance companies and defense firms find out that certain “personal injury” or workers’ compensation lawyers (even some well-known ones) have your case, they lose not a moment’s sleep. They know that they can “just say no” to that lawyer’s demand, and that—at the end of the day—that lawyer will take the last offer they put on the table. Who really has the power at that negotiating table? Yes, the vast majority of cases do “settle,” but for what? If you’re wondering “what is a good settlement for my case?” you’re asking the right questions already.

Send a powerful message. Sit down with Simone & McCahey LLP for free, in confidence, and with no commitments. Let’s talk about what really goes on behind the scenes with your car crash, workers’ compensation, wrongful death, or slip and fall case.

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