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How Long Do Auto Accident Cases Typically Take To Get Resolved?

The length of time that an auto accident typically takes to get resolved is a function of several factors. If you’re dealing with an adjuster or an insurer who is trying to resolve the case fairly, then you could potentially resolve the case within six months to a year of having finished your treatment. If you’re not dealing with a situation like that, then you’ll get to a point where you need to consider whether or not the case should be litigated. This is something that needs to be diagnosed and decided on fairly early in the game, because it’ll save everyone a lot of time. So, if you can put a case into litigation without much delay, you can potentially resolve it within a year or two. There are exceptions. Some cases take longer and a lot of work needs to be done. If you can settle a case before filing litigation, then you’re typically looking at six months to a year. If you cannot settle a case, then you’re looking at one to two years (potentially longer) before a resolution is reached.

Can Someone Resolve An Auto Accident Claim Without The Assistance Of An Attorney?

It is very reasonable to wonder whether or not someone can resolve an auto accident claim without the assistance of an attorney. The problem is that it assumes that the insurance company is going to deal with you fairly and pay you the right amount. In reality, even though many adjusters are very nice to people who don’t have lawyers, they’re going to do their job at the end of the day, which is to give away as little money as possible, regardless of what you’re actually entitled to. The insurance companies have very well thought out, effective procedures that they will force onto you. They will put you through a process that can easily wear you down.

It’s all designed to make you simply want it to be over with, and that means taking their last offer. Taking an insurance company’s last offer usually means letting them off-the-hook for something less than you’re entitled to. I am obviously not going to recommend that someone handle their case alone or assume that the insurance company is going to give them a fair deal. You certainly don’t have to be a lawyer to handle your own personal injury case, but if you do find yourself in a position of getting hurt, then you’re best off consulting a lawyer. The process can be grueling even for those who know exactly what they’re doing. So, I wouldn’t recommend someone going at it alone, especially when you can find a very effective lawyer who will handle your case without requiring any upfront costs, fees or retainer.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Funds After A Settlement Has Been Reached?

Once the paperwork is signed, insurance companies generally have up to 30 days to deliver the settlement check.

What Steps Can Someone Take To Help Their Auto Accident Claim?

Getting treatment right away always helps. You might think it’s better to just wait a day or two and see if you get better, but as I’ve mentioned before, you’ll never get any thanks from the insurance company for doing that. You need to keep good records and notes about what you went through during the time that you were injured or being treated. You will need to make notes regarding the appointments you had, things you missed out on due to the injury and the names of people who noticed you in pain. These are all of the little details that turn out to be pretty important, because they are a part of your story.

Typically, the insurance companies don’t want to hear your story. They just want to look at the cold hard paper and say things like, “Well, they worked so they couldn’t have been too hurt,” or, “Look at the damage to the vehicles- there’s no way that this person’s hurt.” I could go on and on, but you need to be prepared to deal with all of the standard defenses because no insurance company’s ever just going to believe you 100%.

They’re trained to just find the weak link, exploit it and pay you less because of it. So, avoid gaps in treatment, do what your doctor says, don’t over-treat but don’t under-treat either, get what you need and be truthful. A lot of times, people forget what they went through during the months or years when they were recovering from an injury. If you don’t pay attention to it or take a moment to communicate it, the insurance company certainly is not going to do it for you.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Auto Accident Cases?

What sets us apart is our unwillingness to accept the typical tactics and procedures that insurance companies and adjusters will try to inflict upon our clients in an attempt persuade them to take less than the case is worth. It’s simply not enough to just say, “I don’t like it,” or “I’m not going to take it.” You need to know what weapons you can use in order to get them to pay more, and to play a little bit more by your rules. We start with a legal strategy the day you walk into or call our firm. We start with the strategy that’s designed to win, and we’re usually many steps ahead at a very early part in the game. Our theory in doing that is that it will pay off very well down the line.

A lot of personal injury lawyers don’t do that. They think that they can just do the bare minimum of getting the medical records, picking up the phone, trying to get rid of the case, taking their fee and moving on. There are certain lawyers that just do that with such a large volume of cases that it’s actually rewarding for them, but it might not be the right result for the client. We’d rather take more time attending to the details of your case so that we can squeeze every drop of value that you’re entitled to and ensure that you come out thinking that you received a fair amount for what you went through. So, our ability to litigate and to prepare a case swiftly gives us an advantage at the negotiation table for a lot of reasons.

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